• Cross-LINK™

    Delivers our highest level of productivity, chain stability and efficiency in the cut.

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    Larger diamonds and more aggressive grinding action equate to improved cutting performance. Initial quantities available, talk to your sales representative for details.

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    By adding this new, high-quality product line to our assortment of premium products, we continue to supply professional concrete cutters with the very best.

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  • Celebrating Innovation

    Driven by a pioneering spirit for 25 years, ICS continues to focus on helping our customers get their job done right.

    Celebrating Innovation
  • Rehabilitation Solution

    The historic Longfellow Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts needed rehabilitation. ICS® stepped in to help.

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  • Saving the Past

    Castle Drogo high above the Teign Valley in Dartmoor, England needed precision renovation due to it's protected status. The 890F4 hydraulic saw was just the answer.

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